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About Me

Sabine - Born 1996 in Denver, CO

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My name is Sabine. I've lived for almost 17 years, and since I'm a cat, I think I have some things to share.

I don't know where I was born. I remember a shelter and a human coming to take me home. I was small enough to fit in the palm of his hand.

Over the next several years we traveled a lot, moving to New Orleans, Colorado Springs, back to Denver, and then finally to New York City in 1999. We moved to Krakow, Poland in 2008, and back to New York in 2011. I never knew that humans could do that sort of magic! One day I'm in my bed, then I'm in a carrier, and there's a loud noise for a long time, and then I'm in a new house with new smells and new human noises!

I'm a serious cat. I speak several languages, and I've learned over the course of my life how to not only survive, but how to live the best possible life a cat could have. It's not just about picking the right Human or doing the right cat things at the right cat time. There's a particular philosophy that I followed, and my life was full and rich. I don't believe that it is limited to the life of a cat, so I'd like to share it with you, with the hope that you will find wisdom in my words and comfort in the actions.

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My Family
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If You Want The Mango, Take The Mango

  • I was hungry one day, as usual, and the Humans were ignoring me. I made my rounds of the kitchen and came across the fruit bowl. In it was a mango. I had discovered mangoes a day earlier, and even though this one had skin on it, I took it upstairs, killed it, and ate it.

  • Life is too short to worry about not being successful. I could have worried about what the Humans would do when they found out, but instead I saw the mango, wanted the mango, and took the mango. It is this dedicated focus on acquiring what I want that has always put me at the top of my class.

Be Slow, Except When You Need To Be Fast

  • And then be lightning fast. I spent a lot of time sitting around, laying around, walking around, or napping. Creatures around me began to suspect that I was slow and lazy, until they saw me move when I had a reason. Not only was I fast, I was accurate and ruthless. Only Samara might be faster than me.

  • It's one thing to conserve energy and work harder or faster when you need to. It's another thing entirely to conserve so much energy that others think you're dead and then bust out with the speed and stamina of a kitten. This strikes fear into the hearts of those around you and lets them know that they will never be able to predict your actions.

Sleep Is Important

  • My Human never slept. He mumbled something about, "I'll sleep when I'm dead," and he often mistook zombie-like banging at the keyboard as productivity during the early morning hours. I would often tell him he was a fool, but youthful exuberance is difficult to tame.

  • It's an obvious thing. Sleep is important. Maybe you don't need to get all 20 hours of it in one shot, but do get it in where you can. If you don't know how much lap time you'll have, then get right to work and zonk out. Don't be upset if a Human rouses you early. If you make it a point to sleep as much as you can, you can rest assured that you'll have another opportunity soon enough.

Nothing Beats A Good Box

  • I spent years looking for the right box. A cat changes over time, and it's important to recognize that the box that fits today might not be the box that fits tomorrow. What matters is that you can tell when it's time to move on and that you do so. There's no point continuing to roll around in a box that doesn't satisfy you anymore.

  • The opposite is also true. When you find a box that you love, love it. Spend time with it. Sleep in it. If you have to yak, try to do it outside of the box so that the humans don't wave their arms around and make funny noises. A box is a safe place. Run to it when you're scared, sad, or lonely, and you will feel better.

Dignity Can Be Regained

  • I'm a cat. I never make mistakes. Period. I don't have to apologize, because I never make mistakes...except when I do. And when I do, it's painful.

  • As a cat, I'm a firm believer in just getting on with it. When I screwed up, I told my Human that I was sorry and went on with my day. I don't believe in dragging on the reparations. It only delays the recovery.

You Can Be A Race Car Driver

  • I've been many things throughout my life. I was a kitten. I was the center of the Universe. I ate plants. I traveled around the world. I was fat. I was skinny. I lived every moment of my life as a cat should, and like a box that no longer fit, I cast off behaviors when they no longer suited me. I was Pops Turner, the race car driver, for several months in Poland. I loved those days.

  • We are only ever in the now. We cannot change the past, and we don't control the future. Do what you do today because it satisfies you today, and if you want to do something else tomorrow, do something else. Don't continue doing what you're doing because it's what you were doing before.

Find New Things To Love

  • This is a continuation of the last item, but it pertains to things outside of me. I changed my behaviors every few years, constantly reinventing myself with new games, new interests, and new demands for my Human. I also changed the things that I cared about, surrounding myself with new passions and genuine interest in different things in my world.

  • You can be in the same house, but try looking out a different window. Be fearless in what you love, and don't be afraid to try something new. It is through exploration of the unknown that you will grow, and it is through growth that you will find yourself in places you can't even begin to imagine.

When People Think Of You, They Should Smile

  • I consider myself a normal cat. There's nothing special about me, except maybe that I have extremely soft fur. Since my kittenhood, though, I've made it a point to treat others in a way that made them feel special. None of them were my Human, but if they were holding me, petting me, or paying attention to me, I wanted them to know that I valued them for the time and effort in our moments together.

  • It's a small step, but it pays off exponentially. People remember me and smile. They tell stories about me, sing songs, make up jokes, and treasure memories that are happy and positive. I'm still a normal cat, but with a tiny bit of extra energy, I've been able to touch the lives of others in a way that left them just a bit better off. I'm glad for that.

So What If You Miss

  • I would sneak up on my Human when he was sitting at his desk and jump into his lap. Usually my aim was perfect, but sometimes I'd miss and crack my head on the underside of the desk. This slowed my ascent, leaving me off target and scrambling to gain a footing while also trying not to black out. My Human would catch me and pull me up onto his shoulder and hold my head and try to help me feel better. It seems like it would be embarassing, but so what?

  • The point of doing something isn't to do it perfectly. It's to get it done. I suppose that there are some things that should be done perfectly, like gravitational math for orbital slingshotting, but that's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about jumping in a lap or running up stairs. Sometimes you completely screw it up, and that's okay. Just keep going.

Love Like You Will Be Gone Tomorrow

  • This is the hardest one for me to write, not because it's cliché, but because it's true. You don't ever know when your time here will end. If you're lucky, it will come quickly and without suffering. If you're really lucky, you'll have a chance to eat some ice cream, play with your Human, and to fall asleep in your favorite place. Mine was my Human's shoulder, with my face buried in his hair. It was my first memory of him from when I was a kitten.

  • Most won't ever get the chance to control their final moments, so it's important that you love, and I mean really love, with all that you have. Don't worry about the small things. Don't get caught up in the petty day to day conflicts and pretend that they're bigger just because your pride is hurt. I loved everything, all of the time, as hard as I could, up to the very last moment, and when my turn came to leave, I did so without wishing that I could have loved more. I'm a cat. I know what pride is. Screw it. Love means more.


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